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New Adventures!

Hello, people!  It’s been a while since we updated ze tumblr, but we’re still here! aaaand we’ve filmed TWO EPISODES! 

that’s right. we’ve got our pilot and our second episode filmed, and the lovely Hallease is in the process of editing them both! not sure yet when they’ll be finished, but keep checking here for updates and soon YOU WILL KNOW!

also, this is exciting: Barbara and Caitlin are going to Austin Film Festival this week!  we’re going to learn a ton at the panels and also get to hang out with the likes of James Franco and Johnny Depp. woo! also, Caylie is going back to Austin this weekend as well to chill and drink margaritas.

so, that means we won’t be filming this weekend. also, the weekend after that is Halloween, and we’ll be partyin’ so we won’t film then either. but come November, we’ll be back up and running.

try not to miss us too much.

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Welcome to D104


"D104" is the webseries/brainchild/trophy wife of Barbara, Caitlin, Caylie and Hallease, written and filmed on their weekends during their first few months in Los Angeles.


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